The barge wreck lies off Bluff Point in the southern Strait of Gubal north of Gubal Island.

blotcheye soldierfish blotcheye soldierfish giant moray eel cleaner wrasse on giant moray eel smallscale scorpionfish smallscale scorpionfish clearfin lionfish wheel and soft coral common lionfish common lionfish cornetfish crown squirrelfish crown squirrelfish unknown squirrelfish?? juvenile rockmover wrasse unknown wrasse?? bluegreen chromi grey moray eel grey moray eel Picassofish crowned toby speckled sandperch speckled sandperch blacktip grouper pixie hawkfish nudibranch: humped halgreda slug hermit crab anemone hermit crab Egpytian sea star Indian Ocean crocodile fish banded coral shrimp octopus octopus octopus

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Last modified 25 February 2011