La Digue

La Digue is the 4th largest island in the Seychelles, about 3 miles long by 2 miles wide. It lies 31 miles from Mahe and three miles east of Praslin. It is the most secluded of the inner islands, having no natural harbor and being surrounded by coral reefs. The highest point is 1092 feet at Nid D'Aigles (Eagle's Nest). The island's pink granite cliffs and huge boulders rise out of white sand beaches with palm forests. It is home to the very rare black Seychelles flycatcher, Terpsiphone corvina, locally called "veuve" ("widow"). La Digue's population of around 2000 makes it the third most populous island in the country. Automobiles are banned. Transportation on La Digue is by ox cart or bicycle.

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