Entebbe Botanical Garden Photo Gallery

The Entebbe Botanical Garden is on the shore of Lake Victoria almost right on the equator.

It has a mix of indigenous forest and cultivated areas and hosts many bird species. It is a good introduction to Ugandan birds.

Hadada ibis, Bostrychia hagedash

Spur-winged lapwing, Vanelllus spinosus

Egpytian goose, Alopochen aegyptiaca

Grey parrot, Psittacus enthacus

Common bulbul, Pycnonotus barbatus

White-throated greenbul, Phyllastreohus albigularis


Western violet-backed sunbird, Anthreptes ionguemarei

Eastern double-collared sunbird, Cinnyris mediocris

Collared sunbird, Hedydipna collaris


Greater blue-eared starling, Lamprotornis chalybaeus

Ruppell's starling, Lamprotornis purpuroptera

African openbill, Anastomus lamelligerus. This stork eats snails.

Long-tailed cormorant, Microcarbo africanus

Little egret, Egretta garzetta

Striated heron, Butorides striata

Red-eyed dove, Streptopelia semitorquata

Broad-billed roller, Eurystomus glaucurus

Eastern plantain-eater, Corythaixoides personatus

Hamerkop, Scopus umbretta


African fish-eagle, Haliaeetus vocifer

Black kite, Milvus migrans

Eastern chanting-goshawk, Melierax poliopterus

Grey kestrel, Falco ardosiaceus


African pygmy kingfisher, Ispidina picta

Woodland kingfisher, Halcyon senegalensis

Pied kingfisher, Ceryle rudis


Black-and-white-casqued hornbill, Bycanistes subcylindricus

Crowned hornbill, Lophoceros alboterminatus

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