Moose Pass floatplane flying

I rented this plane and hired a local instructor from Alaska Float Ratings. Darlene and I prepped the plane and then I got a feel for it before flying into the mountains. This is a heavily-modified Cessna 172. It has a 180hp engine, a constant-speed prop, and vortex generators on the wings. The mods make it so nose-heavy that unless there was a passenger in the back seat, we had to load fifty pounds of ballast weight in the baggage area.

seaplane dock ur-C172 Darlene checking the fuel Charlotte pumping out the floats cockpit vortex generators Charlotte Charlotte and Darlene taking off to the north taxiing taxiing taxiing at the dock

Mountain flying in the Kenai Peninsula:

mountains mountains and glacier glacial valley and lakes braided river Dall sheep ponds glacier glacial valley and lake glacial lakes glacial lakes and mountains glacial valley glacial valley glacier and hanging glaciers glacier glacier detail glacier glacier glacier braided stream

On final to land on Upper Trail Lake.

on final

I flew this same airplane over the Sargeant and Harding Ice Fields in June of 2021.

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