Alaska Sea Life Center (Seward)

The Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward opened in 1998, funded in part by money from the Exxon Valdez oil spill settlement. It is a research and rehabilitation facility as well as a tourist attraction.

View across the fjord.



fish fish salmon salmon fish fish fish fish


shrimp shrimp closeup

Sea stars

sea star sea star sea stars basket star sea star crinoid sea star

Other animals

anemone moon jelly barnacle octopus

Marine mammals:

Stellar sea lion harbor seal

Sea birds:

Horned puffins, Fratercula corniculata

horned puffin horned puffin

Tufted puffins, Fratercula cirrhata

tufted puffin tufted puffin tufted puffin swimming tufted puffin swimming tufted puffin closeup

Tufted puffins attacking a king crab

tufted puffins attacking a king crab tufted puffin attacking a king crab


duck duck duck closeup

King eiders, Somateria spectabilis

king eider drake king eider female king eider drake swimming king eider drake closeup

Harlequin duck, Histrionicus histrionicus

harlequin duck

Common Murre, Uria aalge


Rhinoceros auklet, Cerorhinca monocerata

rhinoceros auklet swimming rhinoceros auklet rhinoceros auklet

Black Guillemot, Cepphus Grylle


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